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The world 'Revival' means 'To bring back to life.' In cash of LIC 'Revival' is required when a policy gets lapsed if the premium is not paid within the grace period (minimum 1 month if mode of payment is Yly/Hly/Qly and 15 days if mode is monthly). If a policy gets lapsed it can be revived any time within 5 years from the date of first unpaid premium. The lapsed policies can be revived under the following 5 different schemes.

Ordinary Revival: under this scheme a policyholder can revive his/her lapsed policy by paying all the balance unpaid premiums (from the date of 1st unpaid premium) in lumpsum with interest @existing rate. 'Declaration OF Good Health (DGH)'in from no. 680 and medical report (if necessary) is required.

Special Revival: if the policyholder or L.A. is unable to pay all the premiums in lumpsum his policy can be revived scheme by which the date of commencement will be shifted and he will have to pay only one premium according to age (on the time of revival). DGH and medical report (if necessary) are also required. The following condition are to be satisfied under special Revival scheme;

  1. Special Revival can be done only once during the policy term.
  2. Special Revival is allowed within 3 year of lapsation.
  3. Policy should not have acquired any surrender value.

Instalment Revival: in cash of the policyholder is unable to pay all the unpaid premiums in lumpsum and special Revival scheme also doesn't suit him, he can use this scheme to revive his policy. Under this scheme he can revive his policy by paying the following amount immediately:-

  1. In the yearly mode of payment, half of the yearly premium
  2. In the half-yearly mode of payment, one half yearly premium
  3. In quarterly mode of payment, 2 quarterly premium. 4 in monthly mode of payment, 6 monthly premium.

Rest of unpaid premium is to be paid in installments within two year along with the regular premium DGH and medical report (if necessary) are required according to the policy term.

Survival Benefut-cum-Revival scheme:-
money-back type policy can be revived by using the survival Benefit (S.B.) whish falls due in it, in cash of the S.B. due amount, the date is earlier then the date revival. If the revival amount is more then the S.B. amount, the remaining amount will be given back to the policyholder. The S.B. amount, requirements for revival and S.B. settlement are to be satisfied.

Loan - cum -Revival Scheme:-
A policy can be revived by taking a policy loan in cash of the policy acquires the surrender value on the revival date. The policyholder can get the loan on the basis of premium paid by him up to the revival date. If there is any shortfall in the revival amount, the policyholder will have to pay it. If the revival amount is less then the lone amount the remaining will be paid back to the policyholder.

Enquiries through SMS for LIC POLICIES

In LIC, there are facilities to get enquiries through SMS for ordinary as well as annuity policies.

For ordinary policies to know your premium position / Revival quotation / Bonus Accrual / Loan available / Nomination Status send SMS to 56677 by typing


E.g. To know loan under your policy no 123456789,

type  “asklic<PolicyNumber><loan>”  and sms to 56677


For annuity policies to equire about Status, Existence Certificate due, last Annuity release date, Annuity Payment mode, Annuity Amount, Cheque Return information send SMS to 56677 by typing


E.g. To know the amount under your annuity policy no. 987654321,

type “LICPension<987654321><AMOUNT>” abd sms to 56677



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