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(Plan No. 159)

Features of Komal Jeevan

Product summary:
This is a Children's Money Back Plan that provides financial protection against death during the term of plan with periodic payments on survival at specified durations. This plan can be purchased by any of the parent or grand parent for a child aged 0 to 10 years.

Commencement of risk cover:
The risk commences either after 2 years from the date of commencement of policy or from the policy anniversary immediately following the completion of 7 years of age of child, whichever is later.

Premiums are payable yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or through Salary deductions, as opted by you, up to the policy anniversary immediately after the life assured (child) attains 18 years of age or till the earlier death of the life assured. Alternatively, the premium may be paid in one lump sum (Single premium).

Guaranteed Additions:
The policy provides for theGuaranteed Additions at the rate of  Rs.75 per thousand Sum Assured for each completed year. The Guaranteed Additions are payable at the end of the term of the policy or earlier death of the Life Assured.

Loyalty Additions:
This is a with-profit plan and participates in the profits of the Corporation’s life insurance business.  It gets a share of the profits in the form of loyalty additions which are terminal bonuses payable along with death or maturity benefit. Loyalty addition may be payable depending on the experience of the Corporation.

Moneyback child plan with guaranteed addition of Rs.75 per 1000 S.A
• Premium payment stops immediately after the child attains 18 years of age
• Risk coverage commences after 2 years from the commencement of the policy and the child shoiuld have completed 7 years of age.
• An optional Premium Waiver Benefit can be opted with some extra cost.

LIC Komal Jeevan Eligibility Conditions :



Sum Assured (in Rs.) 1,00,000 25,00,000
Policy Term (in years) 26 - Age of Child
Premium Payment Term(in years) 18 - Age of Child
Entry Age of Life Insured 0 10
Age at Maturity 26
Payment modes Single, Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and SSS

Returns of LIC Komal Jeevan :

Maturity Return :

- 20 % of Sum assured at 18 yrs of age
- 20 % of Sum assured at 20 yrs of age
- 30 % of Sum assured at 22 yrs of age
- 30 % of Sum assured at 24 yrs of age
- Guaranteed Additions with Loyalty additions will be paid at 26 yrs of age

Death Benefit – On the death of the child after the commencement of risk, the nominee would get the Sum assured with Guaranteed and Loyalty additions without deducting any earlier payments made. If the child expires before the commencement of risk, the nominee will get only the premiums paid

Income Tax Benefit – Available under Section 80 C for premiums paid and Section 10 (10D) for Maturity returns
Loan on Policy - Not Available
Housing Loan Surity - Not Available

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